PCB Design.


Technoloya can take on small production design of PCB's from your schematics. 

We work with you to ensure your design requirements are met.


This market is targeted at the home hobbiest or small busines that has a circuit but not the skill to develop a working Printed Circuit Board (PCB).  We can also help you with small quanty fabrication and one off designs.


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Design Solutions.


We assisted is the design and construction

of a "Logic interface" for the RC210.

The system allows safe interfacing to the alarm inputs to the Arcom controller. It also has two channels of audio Isolation and matching thus reducing the risk of "Hum". there are also other features such as Fan and "Drop Dead" protection.


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RC210 interface board. GB3BS Bristol.



The GPS Clock allows resl time to be uploaded

to the Arcom RC210 repeater controller.


Updates happen twice an hour to ensure cpu

time drift is corrected. 

It can be simply configured to work most time 

zones in the word, and supports daylight saving

both European and USA standard corrections.


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The GPS clock. Designed for GB3BS

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